About Tt Design

  • Background

    The Tt Design Center was established in 2008, formerly known as the Industrial Design Dept of Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd. it was in charge of brand design, product design, packaging and marketing and other visual communication design project. It insist the beauty of design and purchase delivering the perfect user experience。 Based on many years of experience in product development, Tt Design Center is being shaped to be a dedicated, professional creative team. The mission is to develop the best product designs, and to explore the ultimate creativity, to achieve the perfect user experience and future contribution to sustainable environmental.

  • Philosophy

    Tt Design Center is with the highest quality design team and comfortable working environment. The team is confident in every design process. We strive to achieve the best design works, for we believe "Design Smart, Work Smart".
    From our designer to innovative materials lab, aesthetic perception research, user interface research, visual communication design, until the marketing of professional consulting, we are aiming to transfer the design works into living arts for user's enjoyment.